wicking bed workshop

FRIDAY 31 MAY, 9.30am - 11.30am


Wicking beds are an increasingly popular way to grow vegetables because they are self contained and very water efficient. They’re a great system to use for properties that people only visit on the weekend as plants don’t need to be watered every day, even in the depths of summer. 

Our hands-on workshop will be hosted by Ian Magnus, Torello’s farm manager (ex-Diggers Club trial manager) who will teach participants how to set up a wicking bed from scratch including all the infrastructure required, which soils are suitable for your beds and what produce you can effectively grow in any given season. You’ll also get some great tips about how to maintain the beds too. 

Cost $100 (includes workshop notes and morning tea showcasing Torello Farm produce). Participants will also receive a discount on ready-to-go wicking beds.

Spaces are limited. To book your spot please click here.