Inspiration for this recipe came from an episode of ‘Nigella Express’.  The idea of placing meat in the marinade after cooking sparked my attention to create a meal in one. And it works particularly well with steaks suitable for high heat and quick cooking like flat iron, banjo or skirt . The hot grilled meat is transferred directly into a briney caper and fresh parsley marinade. Add a pinch of dried chilli flakes or chopped fresh chili for extra heat. Toss in grilled winter veggies it’s here’s a meal in under 30 minutes that packs a flavour punch! 

serves 3 to 4

400g flat iron, banjo or skirt steak (for the big meat eaters another 100g of steak may be required)

1 small savoy cabbage, outer tough leaves removed, cut into eight wedges with stem intact

1 bunch spring onions, stem cut into 8cm lengths, reserving green tops for another use

¼ teaspoon dried chilli flakes (optional)

Extra virgin olive oil, for brushing


1½ tablespoons salted capers, rinsed well, chopped (if using capers in brine drain well)

½ cup extra virgin olive oil (I used Cape Schanck Picholine)

2½ tablespoon fresh lime juice, or Crittenden’s white wine vinegar

zest of a lime, if using the lime juice

large handful flat-leaf parsley leaves, stems removed, chopped

Remove meat from refrigerator 30 minutes before using, allowing meat to come to room temperature.  Remove any line of excess sinew from the steak.  Lightly sprinkle some salt over each side.

For the marinade, whisk together the oil, lime juice or vinegar, capers, parsley until well combined.  Add the chilli flakes, if using. 

Heat a cast iron grill plate or barbecue grill over a high heat.  Cook steak 2 minutes each side for medium-rare, or 2½ minutes each side for medium (see photos).  Transfer meat to the marinade.  Rest meat for 5 minutes then turn over and leave in the marinade for another 5 minutes, basting occasionally.  

Meanwhile, using a brush, lightly oil each side of the cabbage wedges and rub with a little salt in between the leaves.  Place the cabbage wedges and spring onions on the hot grill.  For the spring onions, cook for about 2 minutes until lightly charred and softened.  For the cabbage cook for 2 minutes then turn over to cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, until charred around edges, with outer leaves wilting and stem should be just tender.  Transfer the vegetables to the marinade with meat, tossing to coat well in the marinade.

Remove the meat, draining off excess marinade back into dish and transfer to a cutting board.  Cut across the grain into 1 cm wide slices.  Arrange meat on a serving platter, spoon over the vegetables and pour over the remaining marinade.  Grind over black pepper and serve.  Season with salt, to individual taste.

Fiona Hammond © August 2019

Mark Brancatisano